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Goku Girl

(last update: 01-18-09)

I am Goku Girl and have been Goku Girl since December 1999. I am the webmaster of Anime Etc., The Dragon Ball Fanfiction Library, The Otaku Institute, The Otaku Institute Same-Sex Archive (formerly "The Dragon Ball Fanfiction Library Slash Archive"), Suto-ri Denkaku, Enduring Devotion, and Goku Girl's Fanfiction Recommendations. I also run an original fiction website called Infinity Forest under the penname of Mystic Raine.

I'm a Junior computer science major. I also plan to get minors in computer information systems, writing, and philosophy. On the side, I want to become fluent in Japanese and learn about the culture and history of Japan. As long as I'm a student this website is probably going to suffer from neglect but I guess it can't be helped. You can view my portfolio if you want to.

My absolute passions (besides computers in general and website development) are anime, writing, reading, and RPG & simulation video games. Yes, I am a nerd and proud of it. :) I still love Dragon Ball & Dragon Ball Z even though I haven't seen either in a long time and can't get my hands on the subtitled version of DBZ (I doubt anyone can). Equal with DB & DBZ is Gravitation (which I have subtitled), GetBackers (also subtitled), and Peacemaker Kurogane (yep, subtitled). I also love Full Metal Alchemist, Inu Yasha, Kyou Kara Maou, and D.Gray-Man (all subbed).

Anime Etc.

(last update: 12-31-08)

I created this site because the Dragon Ball Fanfiction Library was no longer suitable as the top level site. As I diverged more and more from DBZ-related fanfiction sites and pages, I needed a better way to link all of them together.

Header Images

Dragon Ball Z header

Son Gohan & Son Goku from Dragon Ball Z.

GetBackers header

Midou Ban & Amano Ginji from GetBackers.

Gravitation header

Nakano Hiroshi & Shindou Shuichi from Gravitation.

Maria-sama ga Miteru header

Fukuzawa Yumi & Ogasawara Sachiko from Maria-sama ga Miteru (Maria Watches Over Us).